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Frog jumping training toy

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1、Multiple Places Application: Whether jumping on the living room floor or the asphalt road in the playground, you can add a healthy sense of jumping to your day! You can improve your body's balance and coordination, create whimsical exercise routines, and have great abdominal laughter!

2、Safe and High-quality Materials: This children's jumper toy is made of excellent elastic cord, crimped soft foam handle and resilient foam base. The heavy-duty components will bear a weight of 250 pounds and will not damage the ground.

3、Training Balance: This pogo stick jumper toy helps to train the hand-eye coordination and overall motor skills of children aged 3 and above. The toy for Pogo Sticks for toddlers are designed to improve hand-brain reactions and bring your child a fun and healthy childhood.

4、Safety Guarantee: Child's safety is our top priority. The materials and production processes are strictly controlled, non-toxic, odorless, and free of harmful substances such as BPA.

5、Fun Game: Use this pogo stick toy set to organize a fun family game game or children's entertainment. Chasing each other in the squeaking sound can not only exercise your body, but also maintain a warm atmosphere and is destined to be fun.

Color: red, blue
Material: environmentally elastic rubber
Bottom size: about 25*12*8.3cm/9.84*47.72*3.27in, total height: about 50cm/19.69in, handle length: about 24cm/9.45in

Packing List:
Foam Pogo Stick*1