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1 Pcs Chicken Drinking Cup Automatic Drinker

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  • Size: 8cmx4.8cmx3.5cm.Made of advanced materials and assembled to ensure the durability of the product.
  • Easy to install and keep clean.The chicken drinker cups can be easily installed in the side or bottom of a bucket. The cup stays clean and provides low maintenance.
  • Your chickens want you to buy poultry water drinking cups bowls.Your chickens are thirsty and want you to buy these poultry drinking cups so they have a constant, automatic supply of fresh water.
  • When chickens peck the yellow trigger, the chicken water valve automatically releases water into the plastic cup. Provides clean water to chickens, and doesn't waste water.
Manual measurement, the error range of 1 ~ 5mm
    IMG_9802 IMG_9800 - IMG_9792